Automotive industry: Vibration and strengthening adjustment of the engine, transmission, bearing frame, vehicle body and their elements; noise reduction.

Turbine manufacture: Strength and vibration analysis, nondestructive control of turbine and compressor blades and disks.

Aerospace industry: Deformation analysis of junctions and parts of aircrafts under static, vibration, shock, thermal loading and pressurization; defect isolation in units made from composites.

Shipbuilding: Strengthening and vibration refinement of the ship structure; noise reduction in submarines.

Machine-tool manufacture: Vibration and noise reduction in machine tools, strengthening and vibration refinement of the construction.

Biomechanics: Study of mechanic properties and deformation analysis of prostheses, bones and other biologic objects; manufacture of sound reproducers and musical instruments; optimization of amplitude-frequency characteristics of speakers, acoustic systems, improvement of the sounding of music instruments.

Home appliances manufacture: Vibration and noise reduction of home appliances (vacuum cleaners, laundry machines, refrigerators, coffee grinders, blenders, etc.).




Measurement and analysis of deformation fields of materials and constructions under static loading;
Analysis of patterns of elastic waves propagation under fast stresses — seismic, explosive or impact effects;
Vibration analysis: identification of forms of vibrations, vibration displacement fields and dynamic deformations under various vibrations — resonance and induced oscillations, non-stationary, random and multicomponent oscillations;
Measurement and analysis of quasidynamic (slow) deformations — fluidity, thermal expansion, deformations caused by changing pressure, humidity, etc.;
Analysis of stress concentrations, crack propagation, afterstrains;
Study of physical and mechanical properties of new materials (including nanomaterials);

Research of anomalies of mechanic properties, detection and study of patterns of defect development in materials and constructions.